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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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winter weather strikes the bay area in spring. hail falls in the north bay and slush forms on the roadways. viewers send in pictures while we track the weather and give you the updates. >> some people never seen anything like it. a hail storm that blew through parts of the bay area today. 234678 jonathan b has a look at what happened. >> reporter: a hail man build by a viewer. for more than an hour hail
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pelted the east bay, piling up on road sides and startling residents. >> windows kept shaking. >> the thunder was so loud car alarms were going off. >> reporter: pea sized hail filled up their boat. >> never seen it before. >> reporter: some streets looked snow covered. as hail boughtered the windshield of this car. pea sized hail turned this playground white. many of you sent us pictures like this man holding hail the size of a baseball and this chunk found that is big enough for two hands. one send a video of hail falling on this balcony and this video of hail in the backyard. residents say the storm came on suddenly. >> it was nice and sunny, blue
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skys and clouds and then if you look towards vac aville it was black. >> reporter: heather captured hail bouncing on a trampoline. an inch of hail, just enough to build a hailman. jonathan bloom, chronfour news. friday morning will be cold for the commute. >> it will be cold. you can see, no more rain, clearing skies at this hour. >> no more hail. >> it will be unexpected if it does because there is a slight chance we could see lingering showers. 20% chance. unlikely we will see anymore rain and hail. you can see right now, a wider view picture, scattered showers mainly off shore.
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and scattered showers down to the south. but we are in the clear at this hour. things are calming down, including the winds. a lot of places registering zero for winds and that mean as cold morning tomorrow. tomorrow at a glance, chilly temperatures, patchy frost in the morning in the north bay. temperatures widespread into the 30s. low 40s for the bay shores. in the afternoon, sunny skies and temperatures not warming that much. in the afternoon a lot of 50 degrees readings expected. we will look at the temperatures plus the giants forecast for the opening day game tomorrow in a bit. the rewards to find the two men who beat a giants fan is climbing every day. it now up to $150,000. that fan bryan stow is still in a home coma. because of the incident baseball fans should expect
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extra security tomorrow at at&t park. what law enforcement is doing. >> reporter: the police and the giants aren't taking chances tomorrow at at&t park after bryan stow was attacked in los angeles last week. that's why there will be a heavier police presence and security might be tighter at the entrances. this is video from the giants all-star game in 2007. you can see medal detectors and wands were used then. he doesn't know if fans will be screened like this on friday. >> security is stepped up because of the events that happened in los angeles. lodgers-giants -- dodgers- giants game. we will be out in the stadium, parking lots. any type of activities that are
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criminal there is no tolerance. >> security will be tight next week when the giants take on the dodgers. this is video from lastsent. wherever these teams play each other there is always tense fans. those i spoke to think extra cops should patrol after what happened in los angeles. >> i think it is necessary if people's violence tendencies are heightened. >> it's okay harmless booing but nothing violent. that was really stupid. ipnews around the bay, closing arguments are done in the barry bonds trial and the case is now in the hands of the jury. prosecutors delivered their closing arms. barry bonds is charged with three counts of lying to a grand jury in 2003 and a count of obstruction for denying that he knowingly took performance-
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enhancing drugs and for saying get injections from anyone else than his doctors. phillip garrido, the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and fathering her children pleaded not guilty today. it was not expected because prosecutors and defense lawyers indicated they hoped to reach a plea deal. the rumors were untrue and there was never a deal. a jury found two college baseball players accused of gang raping a 17-year-old girl not libel. the two were among several accused in the assault at a party in 2007. the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence. police department radios were down again. this time for two hours this morning. leaving officers unable to community with one other or dispatch. officers were send out in teams during the malfunction. police are looking to implement
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a new radio system. texting while driving is illegal. if you are driving for public transportation your employer will feel it is worse. that's what a new video shows, a muni driving texting on the job. details ahead. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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the nation is just about 24 hours away from a federal government shut down. tonight president obama made a public appearance to urge leaders to make a deal and avert a shut down. he says there is some progress and hopes to get an answer by morning. if not he warned hundreds of thousands of people across the nation would be effected. >> reporter: parks closed to visitors. refund checks halted. home loans suspended and for troops in afghanistan pay checks on hold. >> he has four children he is supporting. if the government shuts down and he doesn't get paid -- i
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don't know what will happen. >> military mother is just one of millions of americans whose lives will be effected unless republicans and democrats reach a spending agreement and the only thing they agree on right now is that the other side is the problem. >> they have no one to blame but themselves. >> we don't have time to fight over the tea party. >> reporter: activists urged republicans to stand and fight. a poll show most americans disgree. >> drama queens on the hill. everybody has to give a little. >> huge waist of money. i -- waste of money. i work on programs that cost millions to shut down and start back up. >> reporter: 58% of americas want their representative to
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compromise. 33% says don't give in. furloughs for 800,000 employees in what are classified as nonessential jobs, the education department and the national parks service. the justice department, homeland security and nasa will keep functioning. va hospitals will still treat patients, social security and medicare checks will still go out. >> the deadline is midnight friday. the president postponed a trip to indianapolis because of the dead lock. wild weather today but better weather into the weekend. i will have details plus interesting developments with severe weather this afternoon. reports of a tornado. i will talk all about that coming up. [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney absolute lowest prices of the spring! shop our unbeatable night and day doorbusters, like women's st. john's bay tees for spring, an unbelievably low $4.99,
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it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. a muni bus operator is in
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trouble with her employer and possibly the law. this video appears to show she was texting while driving a bus pull of passengers in san francisco. after confronting her the passengers who recorded the video was kicked off the bus. this is not an isolated incident. stanley roberts has the story. >> reporter: if a operator is caught texting with or without a head set behind the wheel of a bus it is automatic grounds for termination. i hit the streets of san francisco looking for any evidence of muni drivers breaking laws by using a cell phone behind the wheel. i shot video of many different operators. the driver pulled the shade down. this is not the first time i looked for drivers violating the law and muni policy.
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this bus driver is doing something that could put your life at risk. in 2007 i went out and they weren't hard to find. like this driver driving a bus while wearing ear buds. and this one. both against muni laws and state law. did i find any muni operators while shooting this segment, the answer is no. so let me make this clear, while covering other stories i have seen muni operators in violation, just not on this
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day. i will be out checking again. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. earlier in the show we showed you pictures of the hail that was coming today with the severe thunderstorm warnings. local storm reports show a tornado touched down this afternoon. this is the location right here, it was an ef0 tornado. which is the lowest. at 3:52 this afternoon, winds 70 miles per hour, damage was reported. the length of two football fields. quite severe weather through the bay area but things are calming down as we speak. winds dying down and skies clearing out temperatures will drop off. 38 in fairfield. 43 napa. here is a look, temperatures dipping into the 30s in the north bay. 30s for the delta. fairfield 34. 34 livermore. 39 palo alto. 38 in san jose. bundle up as you head outlet the door, it will be a chilly
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morning. into the afternoon, temperatures struggling to warm. 49 in livermore at noon. later on, seeing a few upper 50s. 59 in fairfield. 53 san francisco. if you are planning on heading to the giants home opener tomorrow, high clouds, winds picking up. it will be breezy, cool. 53 degrees at game time. let's look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. 58 santa rosa. 58 concord. bay shores, upper 50s. 56 half moon bay, 57 in san jose. seven-day forecast, cold start to the day and a cool afternoon for tomorrow. saturday conditions warming up. plenty of 79. few clouds on sunday. a chance of a storm as it
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passes to the north. and mild sunny weather next week. more devastation in japan tonight. a large aftershock leaves two people dead and 130 injured. the quake shook northeast coast of the country again. power was knocked out to 3 million residents and damage to buildings has been reported. at the nuclear power plant the quake hasn't caused new problems. late this evening, toyota announced it will resume limited production in japan. bruce bochy talks about tomorrow's home opener, plus tiger woods at the masters. gary has that and all the sports coming up next. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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. all right. good evening, everybody. round one, little bit of everything at the masters. they set you up with beautiful grounds, tradition of augusta and tiger woods. best part of the round. he was up, down, all over the place. at the end of the day shot 71, one under par. six strokes back. phil mickelson also on 14, he shoots 70. he is back by five. k.j. choi, long put for birdie. 67. he is a couple of strokes back. here is rory mcilroy. our friend, share of the lead at 65, 18 down. the a's needed one today. dropped two to toronto.
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1-4 coming in. heading to minnesota tomorrow. bob's team finally got something out of jackson. injured most of last year after coming from arizona. made a nice catch. conor jackson delivers base hit to left. coco crisp scores. a's win. they are in the twin cities tomorrow to play minnesota. you win a world series you got plenty of plaques. boost beus received a lifestyle achievement award from the positive coaching alliance. he was honored for winning the world series but by serving as a positive role model for all youth coaches. boost boost talking about tomorrow's home opener. >> a lot of celebration. as there should be. at the same time, we got to keep our game face on, ready to play ball.
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we have work to do. >> that opener scheduled for 1:35 tomorrow. barry bonds may not make it. the jury deliberating from 8:30 to 3:30 and no word on when they will reach a verdict. doesn't talk about this case. if you believe the signs they are pointing towards barry bonds not being convicted. all right, the warriors finishing strong on and off the court. today steph curry handing out $10 bar tickets to -- bart tickets, trying to get folks to ride. handing out warriors game tickets for sunday versus the kings along the way. curry added this in support of keeping head coach keith smart. >> he has done a great job this
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year. 11 games better right now. so, you know, the work he has done this year to bring together a new team unfamiliar with each other, putting us in a good position to workers to next year, he proved himself. >> that's the story for a while. do they bring smart back. i don't think you met him. >> no. >> charming guy. and it will take him three years to rebuild the teams. why not have a enthusiastic guy. >> definitely. >> you know what i mean? >> when i was up for the channel 41 job, and i -- i have a guy look around, what is this -- so i will stay right where i am. you know what i mean? >> ammonia. >> and telemundo offered me a
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job. >> i didn't know spoke spanish. >> okay. good night, everybody.
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